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Random Update

As you probably can tell, I haven't blogged in quite a long time. There's a very good reason for this though: I've become the managing editor of Weird Fiction Review. I've put all of my efforts to writing, editing, and organizing that site. I highly recommend checking it out if the stuff on my blog is your cup of tea. It has a lot of great articles and stories from weird fiction and related subgenres. Anyway, this blog is pretty much deprecated (for now).

Interview with Adam Mills

When I recently heard that Adam Mills was stepping down as managing editor of WFR, I knew I had to get an interview with him. Adam has had an amazing run as editor of WFR. Just like the interview with Gauvin, I collected questions again over at our WeirdLit community (thanks guys!) and send them over to Adam. Reading through his interview, I knew this was another fantastic piece. Adam gives an incredible and insightful look at weird fiction, and I was rather amazed at how much new stuff there was that I had not heard of even though I thought I was pretty well versed in weird. For example, did you know M. John Harrison also wrote a story titled "The Great God Pan," which he then later turned into a novel called The Course of the Heart?


Interview with Edward Gauvin

A few weeks ago I happened to get in contact with Edward Gauvin after making a post about French Weird Fiction. I then asked around in a community I moderate on Reddit dedicated to Weird Fiction called WeirdLit about doing an interview with Edward Gauvin. We compiled some questions in a post then sent them over to Mr. Gauvin who was kind enough to provide us with some really insightful answers. We've done a number of AMAs and interviews but I have to say that this is one of the most interesting ones (for me at least). Due to its length, I'm posting a complete copy here as Reddit limits posts and comments to 1500 characters.


Strantzas's Favorite Weird Stories

I had the fortunate circumstance to correspond with Simon Strantzas a few months ago and during our exchange, I asked him about his favorite weird stories. This was before Burnt Black Suns was out and I was looking for something to read. Simon sent me a list of his favorites just off the top of his head and I've found them to be topnotch tales that were also incredibly fun to hunt down and read. A few I had already read. I really enjoyed reading the others and I think they have become some of my favorites as well so I've decided to immortalize all of them by listing them here.


L'├ęcole de l'├ętrange

Ever since discovering Jean Ray in 2012 anthology The Weird I've found myself enchanted with the Belgium branch of weird fiction. However, despite weird fiction's cultish popularity in America, very few of the French language weird fiction works have been translated into English. Weird Fiction Review however has at times featured outstanding stories from Marcel Schwob, Jean Muno, and Jean Ray. However, in terms of books that are available in print, there remain only a few. This is a list of books originally in French that have been translated into English and remain available today.