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Ruby Tip of the Day: ensure return

Here's a problem that I ran into recently in Ruby. Let's say you had the following method:

def sync_attributes
  # fetch the attributes
  attributes = fetch_attributes

# try to save the attributes begin if !save(attributes) raise SaveError, "Could not save attributes" end rescue Net::HTTPRequestTimeOut log_error("Couldn't connect to save API.") ensure log(attributes) return attributes end end

Can you spot the problem with the code? What if I told you that the SaveError never gets raised even if #save returns false? First, let's recap what ensure does. Like the finally keyword in Java, ensure always executes its contents after a begin/rescue/etc blocks.

You can almost think of raise almost as a special type of return in that it changes the flow of execution. However, in order to execute the ensure, the raised exception gets put on the stack. The ensure then gets executed and when the code hits the return in the ensure block, it returns thus negating the raise.

Therefore, you should never call return in an ensure block. Doing so is like calling rescue Exception in your code.

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